What is cloud computing?

In traditional computing environments, you store your applications and data on your own computer, or on a server that everyone in the organization can use. But what if you aren't at your desk? What if you're in a client's office? Or anywhere else that doesn't have access to those applications and data? In the past, the most common way to handle those situations was a laptop/notebook computer and/or a Virtual Private Network. As anyone who has ever relied on these technologies can tell you, they are not always as reliable, convenient, and easy to use as we wish they were. Here is where the cloud can help.

Instead of everything taking up space on a local computer, it is moved to a remote server that is accessible over the Internet from virtually anywhere. In many cases, the applications are also accessed over the Internet, rather than a local computer, so that you don't have to store them on your system. There are many advantages to this arrangement.

Auriga Technology can help you with cloud computing

We will examine your computing and storage needs to help you determine if cloud computing is appropriate for your organization. If cloud computing is a wise choice, we can help you set it up to utilize the features that are best suited to your situation.