Our staff is Microsoft Certified, and has over 25 years of combined experience in the field. The services we provide fall primarily into three categories:

Network maintenance

We will work with you to connect your systems, manage your data, and secure your organization's network to prevent problems and improve efficiency. We'll also analyze your Internet needs and determine that you have all of the capacity you need and aren't paying for more.

Auriga Technology PC maintenance programs

Auriga Technology will help you set up a regular maintenance schedule to keep your technology running smoothly. This includes regular updates and system cleaning to help prevent future performance problems.

Professional server maintenance

Of all the computers in an office, servers are usually the most critical. They store an organization's most critical data and run the services that employees rely on every day to do their jobs. We have the experience, specialized knowledge, and systems to manage and maintain your servers the right way, for less money, and with fewer problems than most other firms.