iBoss Home Router includes 1 year Filter Subscription


Product Highlights

  • Block Chat, Gaming, Downloading, and Filesharing
  • Permanent Tamper Log
  • Built-in Wireless Router and Firewall protection
  • Layer 7, SSL, HTTPS, Deep Packet Inspection Filtering
  • Plug-n-play, one unit works with all computers including Mac, Windows,
  • Filters wireless devices such as laptops along with game game consoles as Xbox and Playstation.


 Product Description

The iBoss Home Parental Control Router combines advanced parental control features to prevent access to unwanted HTTP/S websites as well as controlling use of online programs such as gaming, music downloading, IM/Chat, and torrents. One iBoss protects an entire household including mobile devices and gaming consoles such as Xbox and Playstation through a centrally managed interface. With the iBoss Home, parents can select from categories to control what is accessed on the Internet as well as scheduling when programs such as chat and online gaming can be used. The iBoss Home utilizes a managed database of URL’s and signatures that are automatically updated in real time.

iBoss Home secures your network with a SPI rewall and provides wireless B/G/N to extend ltered Internet access to all devices in your home. A built-in router allows you to reduce network clutter and act as one unit to provide parental control. Permanent tamper logs will email you if the unit is tampered with in any way even if it’s powered down.

The iBoss Home brings simple, powerful parental control access to all the devices in your home.



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Type: Router

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